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I teach memoir and personal essay classes in person and via Zoom. I’m also available for proposal coaching, manuscript consulting and editing. Email me if you’re interested.

Feb/March 2024

Humorous Memoir – virtual


What can I expect in your classes?

Classes vary, but you can always expect a lecture portion, generative exercises, discussion, and a bit of reading. If there are multiple classes, you’ll usually be required to write a piece and give feedback to one of your classmates between classes. Lastly, if we’re in a Zoom class and you have a cat or dog, I may require you to bring them in front of the camera so we may meet them. 

How much writing experience do I need to have?

Most of my classes are structured so writers of virtually any level will get something out of them. That being said, if you have multiple Master’s degrees in, say, creative writing, you might be bored and/or super annoyed in my class. 


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